Wally, Onion Grower, Washington, USA

“When you’re farming thousands of acres you can’t get boots on the ground. With CropLogic realTime we have the capability of monitoring even the most remote areas of a field and modifying irrigation strategies to accommodate. The GrowerView app is quick to use and I can do 90% of what I need to do off the app. If I need more detailed information, such as the exact water quantity we used, I use the GrowerView dashboard.”

Mark, Potato Grower, Washington, USA

“With CropLogic™ GrowerView you can see the effects of rain and water application and how the soil moisture changes in real-time. So you can keep a really sharp eye on what is going on out there.”

Cody, Onion Grower, Washington, USA

“The biggest advantage to CropLogic™ realTime is that you can see hour-by-hour, the soil moisture levels on the farm. The information on the dashboard and app can help you manage your irrigation better and output higher-quality yields.”

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