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Who is CropLogic?

CropLogic is an agronomy services company.

CropLogic blends science, agronomy and technology and sells to large-scale irrigated crop growers.

What is CropLogic’s core business?

CropLogic provides agronomy services to large-scale growers of irrigated crops.

CropLogic introduces technology, such as the CropLogic System, into this agronomy services chain, to reduce costs and increase yields.

What is an Agronomist?

An agronomist is a farm scientist and an independent service provider that advises growers of crops on such things as water, soil, plant, pest and weed management.

Agronomy: The science of crop production and field management.

What is the CropLogic System?

The CropLogic System is a cloud based analytics platform.

It uses internet of things technology to take in field remote readings that are fed into a cloud based analytics platform that provides CropLogic agronomists with real time field data and yield forecasting capabilities.

Could the CropLogic System be considered disruptive?

Yes, Current industry practice is to take in field readings by hand. This is labour intensive. The CropLogic System takes these same readings remotely.

The CropLogic System also provides access to field data and forecasting capabilities that are not readily available in the market at present.

Who is CropLogic’s customer?

As the agronomist CropLogic’s customers is large-scale irrigated growers of crops.

This generally means growers of 1,000 acres or more and predominately in North Western USA, particularly Washington State, where CropLogic services 30% of the potato market.

What is the CropLogic charging model and how was it determined

CropLogic’s charging model is a business-to-business per-acre per-crop recurring subscription model.

CropLogic’s pricing is consistent with the industry standard for the regions in which CropLogic operates.

Many of CropLogic’s customers have been paying this rate for some years.

Does CropLogic anticipate future growth?

Yes, CropLogic has an active growth strategy that includes market entry though acquisition followed by organic growth.

This strategy saw CropLogic revenue grow by 1,500% in the year ending 31 March 2017.

CropLogic is actively pursuing future growth in the US (particularly the North Western states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon) and Australia.


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