Our Story

CropLogic is an award-winning global digital ag-tech company specialising in soil moisture management solutions.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of powerfully-simple actionable intelligence designed for irrigated crop farmers to better manage water usage and to enhance crop behavior and performance.

Our scientific and agronomy roots originated in New Zealand. Stemming from the intellectual property from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research, CropLogic was founded in 2010. Leveraging 30 years of plant performance data and analysis, we started the journey to develop a hardware and software solution designed to provide actionable in-field information that is accurate, concise and easy-to-use.

We asked ourselves How can we create an intuitive tool that complements farmers’ on-the-ground knowledge?

With over 600 field trials conducted with farmers across a variety of crop and soil types, CropLogic realTime, a soil-moisture management and decision support tool, was born. Designed to help farmers make performance-enhancing irrigation and agronomic decisions at the click of a button, our realTime GrowerView desktop dashboard and app enables farmers to monitor, track and manage soil moisture, irrigation, rain events and evapotranspiration rate all-in-the-one place.

Meet the Team

At CropLogic we are a global team, with over 100 combined years experience in agronomy services

realTime GrowerView

Industry-leading soil moisture monitoring technology tried and tested by real farmers across a variety of crop types

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