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We create industry leading crop forecasting technology

Our vision is to become the leading provider of end-to-end agronomy services for large scale crop growers around the world. By combining technology and crop science with on-the-ground agronomic expertise, we are building a technology platform that improves crop yield and directly addresses the issues growers face in an increasingly challenging global environment.

CropLogic was formed in 2010, based upon intellectual property from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited. CropLogic aims to improve crop yields by combining advanced research and technology with an in-field agronomy support team to provide accurate advice to growers. Over the space of six years, the Company has undertaken over 600 field trials in the development of its technology, working with some of the largest potato processors in markets of interest.

Since its incorporation, CropLogic has steadily grown into an international agronomy services company driven by leading research and technology with highly skilled and trained personnel, specialist knowledge of cropping systems, regional know-how and emerging data analytics and predictive tools platforms.

With science and technology ‘behind the scenes’, CropLogic can provide our agronomists with high-quality field information and scientific modelling, so they can predict the behaviour of soils and crops, and promptly identify any potential issues growers might face.

Meet the Team

At CropLogic we are a global team, with over 100 combined years experience in agronomy services

realTime GrowerView

Industry-leading soil moisture monitoring technology tried and tested by real farmers across a variety of crop types

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